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I have been divorced from my ex for over ten years now. He has managed to use the court system to his advantage.

At the time of marriage I had no idea that he was a narcissist. The first stages of dating were great he was everything I thought I wanted. He managed with the help of his family to get our custody agreement reveresed and become custodial parent of our two young children.

Still fusses about my son (his step son) bc he plays so much Baseball. Parenting was hard I did it all on my own, I am learning to do different now but still hard when he still harps on me everyday that its all my fault.

It is a sport that he loves and he is great at it so I allow it. I am startled by the author's simplistic, objectifying vilification of the 'narcissist'.

I've been to court several times trying to get things changed but no one will listen!

My children are suffering but the court system doesn't care about their well being.

He went for full visitation and I was told there was nothing I could do to black it even though I had proof that he exposed my 9-yr. After the divorce I tried to keep my distance from him because my counselor said he was not a safe person for me to be around. I told him numerous times that I felt like I was his "maid and whore." As long as the house was clean, dinner on time, and sex anytime he wanted, he was somewhat happy. The second time I got away I was a PTSD drinking smoking mess.

He always finds ways to inject himself into my life. He found a way to get out of his child support and then took me to court wanting ,000 of it back. I'm divorced 5 years from ex-husband who was and still is a massive narcissist. The third time I escaped I had been to jail twice with no family or friends left. I am still rebuilding my life, my family and my self. When I met him I thought we would be together forever now just the scars remain.

The funny one in the group or the woman who fell for it all.When does someone with narcissistic traits suddenly become a 'narcissist'?Why does another person choose a 'narcissist' in the first place? He is shady about things and acts like a recluse says he hates people and he is better and more talented then others.It is normal to have some low level traits, but if a person has more and more along the spectrum it causes problems for them in relationships and parenting. His mother is extremely narcissistic and I think he just doesn't know any other way to be.What are the key traits you see in your partner that makes you question if he or she is a narcissist? I'm considering divorce because his angry outbursts that come without warning have recently crossed over the line into physically threatening behavior.

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