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One member of the club decides to take her love life into her own hands, and she knows Lindsey could have come into her life at a better. The killer, armed with more than the knowledge of what would hurt her most, is waiting to make his final move. She knew that if she had just got over herself, then Cindy would have never sprinted away from her; Cindy would have never ignored her; Cindy would have probably kissed her goodbye instead of throwing a hard glare and a sullen "Lindsay" over her shoulder when she left. This is like my fantasy episode (if it were written by a hobbyist hack with femslash leanings).

Her phone was blinking: "You have three new messages." Lindsay hit play, and listened in disbelief. I mean, how many times do you get a voice mail message from yourself? Instead of getting kicked out of Lindsay's bed, the brunette was stretched out on her tiny couch, and she was only a breath away from the redhead. The case is a bit time compressed, and is viewed almost solely from Cindy's position, so I skimped on the cop details.

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What if there is someone funnier or better-looking just around the corner? Commitment and saying yes is scary because we all fear the wrong decision, but scarier than that is making no choice at all. In fact, I’ve been guilty of not living my life now because I’ve been saving up certain experiences and dreams to share with my future wife — things like learning how to create my own chalk art, traveling to a dream destination and petting a lion. Kevin Dietmeyer is a full-time fitness professional and serves as a pastor for students in southern Florida.

It’s OK to enjoy life now, and in fact it’s critical to pursue those personal, “one day I’ll pet a lion” experiences before there’s a pile of “I wish I had gone to Thailand” dreams left over. He is passionate about connecting young adults with God and their individual calls to ministry.

Previously, I had required that my potential candidate for marriage must come with pre-installed “like” and “dislike” settings that matched my own.

I’ve learned to approach first dates with a much smaller checklist of deal-breakers.

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