Who is doug benson dating

This role includes being an administrator for the i Carly website, creating the special effects used on the i Carly webcast, editing film clips for the show, and being a camera man.

Freddie is the oldest member of the i Carly trio and came up with the name i Carly for their webshow.

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Carly Shay (best friend, ex-girlfriend, possibly still in love with) Sam Puckett (best friend, ex-girlfriend, possibly still in love with) Spencer Shay Gibby Gibson Principal Franklin Brad Harper T-Bo Coconut Cream Pie Perfectly preparing a pizza Nevel Papperman Carly and Sam fighting Marissa Benson (when she is overprotective of him.)Cort When people stick ribs on his face When Spencer teases him about eating his "Mushywooms"Shannon Mitchell Mushrooms (i Sam's Mom) Asparagus (i Move Out) Fredward "Freddie" Benson (born February 4) was i Carly's technical producer and the tritagonist of the show.

However, his fencing has not been mentioned since, and it is likely he quickly lost interest in it.Freddie shares Spencer's enthusiasm for Galaxy Wars (parody of Star Wars).His interest is also shown in the decoration of his room and the fan-talk they share after Spencer buys a "Proton Cruiser" spaceship.When creating a page for a show, please include the range of years the show was telecast and list key creators of the show, as well as the quotations from it.After the quotations, please provide a list of major members of the cast.

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