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To see the future Monarch come to pay his respects was a remarkable gesture of friendship and a sign of the Duke's regard for the sanctity of Jerusalem."Yerushalayim, quem sabe no próximo ano estarei aí, mas meus irmãos e irmãs, SHEMÁ YSRAEL, ADONAI ELOHEINU, ADONAI ECHAD. The ONE and ONLY LORD Elohei Avraham, Elohei Yitzhak ve Elohei Ya'acov. The Northern Lights are one of the great sights of the natural world, with their breathtaking display of seemingly magical illumination.

The cam's perspective gives you a lofty view of wherever the vessel is pointing.

The images from each can be viewed on a speedy timeline, offering a cool stop-motion perspective on the multi-billion dollar undertaking.

This may look like an unassuming "zebra" (pedestrian) crossing on an anonymous British street, but it is in fact the famous Abbey Road crossing, as featured on The Beatles' 1969 album of the same name.

Even those who do may be disappointed by a no-show. Though no substitute for the real thing, webcam feeds allow you to see the show from half way around the world.

This webcam is located in Swedish Lapland, the northern part of the country, in a tiny village called Porjus, which is said to be a great destination for seeing the aurora borealis.

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