Seungri dating

On December 4th, Seung Ri borrowed a Korean restaurant in Aksaka and started a frenzy, calling out “Kane Nara! It was on his way back to the hotel, when he was captured on camera going into a hotel with the model-like girl.The Japanese press concluded by saying that they will release a more detailed report on December 15th.

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Anyhow, I'd recommend this drama for the sake of entertainment and to kill time.

The source said, “” This is far from Seungri’s first dating scandal.

He has been linked with Bea Hayden, a Vietnamese DJ, and a Chinese fan.

A Japanese media outlet published an interview with the girl, named ‘A’.

MV )) BIGBANG – Last Dance ‘A’ told the press that she had dated Seung Ri starting from 2013 for over a year.

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