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Finding an apparently robust community as a hub of major caravan routes, Dr.

No similar paved roads have been found near other quarries, Dr.Egyptologists have suggested that the black rock was popular for funerary uses because it symbolized the dark, life-giving Nile mud.Water Link to Nile The road ran from the quarry to the northwest shore of ancient Lake Moeris, now vanished, which would have provided a water link to the Nile each summer in flood time.The pavement, they concluded, facilitated the movement of human-drawn sleds loaded with basalt stone from a nearby quarry to a quay for shipment by barge across the lake and on the Nile to construction sites. Thomas Bown, a research geologist at the United States Geological Survey in Denver, mapped the road in 1993 and reported their findings at a meeting of the Geological Society of America."Here is another technological triumph you can attribute to ancient Egypt," Dr. Harrell, a professor of geology at the University of Toledo, Ohio, told the New York Times. They said that pottery fragments at a quarry and a camp for the ancient stone workers, both discovered near the road, helped date the site to the period of the Old Kingdom, about 2600 to 2200 B.

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