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When the bar was closing my gf and I left the bar together with a group of guys and one girl.They were asking us (they were from out of town) whether we new any good places to go to next.This was the first time we'd talked about it so I was surprised that she said she already had someone in mind.She was active duty army at the time and the guy she wanted was a younger soldier in her unit.Hi, My wife, Joy, has had two affairs on me (that I know of) but refuses to tell me any details about them - i.e. About a year after we got married I suggested to Joy that we should try a threesome.

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During the evening he struck up a couple conversations with us on topics from, how lovely Janet looked tonight, to work issues.On the odd occasions weve had a lads night out, weve compared notes and through that Steve is familiar with Corinnes preferences.On this particular Sunday afternoon, sitting around the lunch table there were six of us, three on either side.I was still dressed and sulking on the couch, Janet was rubbing my ...Hi, My wife and I had been going through a very rough patch, we were married young, myself 21 and her 19. My problems started with the introduction into our home of a computer and the subsequent internet access that came with it.

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