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Name: Chris Esmond Email: chrisesmond Years_at_school: 59-66Date: Time: Your last contribution, Pete, where you confess to having ignored "so sensible advice", is deeply disappointing and as a result I regret to inform you that you will no longer be considered to lead the investigation into the missing Pavilion Fund monies as such a responsibility demands an impeccably sensible person (especially where investigating himself is involved).Name: Chris Esmond Email: chrisesmond Years_at_school: 59-66Date: Time: Pete Fowler, your proven investigative skills make you eminently qualified to lead the ' What Happened to the Pavilion Fund? However, as a supporter of Henry Wyatt you yourself are, inevitably, I'm afraid, a prime suspect, which necessarily presents a rather tricky situation, a 'conflict of interests', as the saying goes: Would you be prepared to interview yourself?If so, could you guarantee to both question and answer with 100% commitment and integrity?Name: Pete Fowler Email: Ntlworld Years_at_school: 1956 62Date: Time: In the early days of online forums, when they seemed the preserve of the Universities, I remember some Oxford Prof first writing a phrase that confused me at the time - but has resonated more and more through the years. And yet I still sometimes forget that so sensible advice.Name: Tom Stanning Email: tandg.Years_at_school: 1963 - 1970Date: Time: I had no idea I would create such curious responses when I made my first contact with your website.

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