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In 2000 her book Menace and Mischief won the Canadian Authors Association Lilla Stirling Award. In 1998 she earned the Prime Ministers Teaching Award as an outstanding and innovative teacher.Her stories were told in aboriginal settings teaching the need and respect for the balance of nature.

She has travelled across North America and foreign countries such as China discussing her work. She left home when she became a teacher but soon returned to teach near home.

She became a teacher at junior and senior high school where she inspired students to be creative in their writings.

She is a member and has served on the executive of the Writers Association of Nova Scotia.

John was involved in the preparation of maps of the Great Lakes and there is evidence that Amelia was also involved in the preparation of draft maps of the surveyed areas.

The family moved a couple of times before setline in Eldon House in London, Upper Canada.

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