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To get to the cemetery, from Collinwood, Tennessee, travel Tennessee Hwy.

, husband of Mattie (Melson) Ayers, Olive, infant, b.

two unmarked graves - one of them is Hatley, Bob, who died about 1933. Cummins, Leona Scott, - , wife of Russell Cummins. Powell, Nola, no dates, daughter of John and Emmie Powell.

Others believed to be in this row are Martha Jane Powell, died , age 83 years, and probably Martha's husband, John Powell who was killed while home on leave during the Civil War. La Fevers, Chester, no dates, son of Pete and Bessie Cummings La Fevers.

Some are based on field interviews and personal contact and others on research in primary and secondary sources.

The range of topics is broad, from traditional subjects like folk medicine and superstitions to histories of small towns in Arkansas and urban and campus lore. The file is sortable by student, title, or date by clicking on the column heading.

Tidwell, Ellie Inthia, - , 2nd wife of Clyde Tidwell.

Dodd, Infant, (no other date) Dodd, Berry Wess, - .

Johnson, Celina H., 3 April 1780 - "Mother" Johnson, Rev.

Johnson, John A., - , age 62 years, 7 months, 8 days.

Johnson, Mary E., died , age 32 years 8 months, 1 day, wife of Z.

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