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People don’t list previous advisory and current interests on Linked In." Alter hopes that FD: Advisor will soon provide longer-term utility beyond simply making introductions.

In the not-too-distant future, Founder Dating will add communication and accountability tools to the new platform.

“It goes both ways, everyone needs to set clear expectations.

We don’t think they need a babysitter, just think it’s a nice reminder for busy people,” Alter adds.

Also, she’s betting that participation in the Founder Dating community should provide a further filter that will result in higher caliber interactions.

“It was happening naturally already through Founder Dating, we’re simply formalizing the process and adding tools to make finding an advisor more efficient,” Alter says.

Under less than ideal scenarios, advisors can be an undue distraction and a waste of equity compensation.

"The process of finding, connecting with, and maintaining relationships with advisors has been broken for some time,” Alter says.

It’s a potentially risky strategy that could lead to the busiest and most highly-sought after advisors being inundated with contact messages.

But Alter believes that this is already happening through other channels like Twitter and Linked In.

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