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Flirt4Free was also awarded "Best Live Cam Site" at the 15th annual Cybersocket Web Awards' held in January 2015.

The Cybersocket Awards honors companies and individuals who have made the year’s most important contributions to the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community.

1 and Wingin' It (in Happy Trails, she actually wets herself just before her death).

Petunia's deaths are considered by viewers to be some of the most gruesome in the series, if not the most.

All you need is a webcam, a computer, a stable internet connection, and your sexy flirtatious self..

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This is the only awards ceremony covering all aspects of the Live Cam Industry.Petunia is an indigo and dark-blue skunk with a sky-blue arrow marking on her forehead, which is connected to the triangle-shaped marking on the back of her head and sky-blue lines on her long tail.She always wears a pink flower on top of her head and a pine scent car air freshener or deodorizer around her neck.Her love interests have been both Mime and Handy, although she seems closer to the latter, as evidenced in My Better Half and I Nub You.In My Better Half, they are seen taking a "Tunnel of Love"-ride, and in I Nub You, they start dating.

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