Excel macro for consolidating workbooks

When you have settled on a design for your workbooks, you can save one of the workbooks as a template for similar workbooks you will create in the future.

You can leave the workbook’s labels to aid in data entry, but you should remove any existing data from a workbook that you save as a template, both to avoid data entry errors and to remove any confusion as to whether the workbook is a template.

If multiple worksheets hold related values, you can use links to summarize those values in a single worksheet.

This chapter guides you through procedures related to using a workbook as a template for other workbooks, linking to data in other workbooks, and consolidating multiple sets of data into a single workbook.

However during the day when the source files are open I get the error below, which I believe is causing the 1004 errors I get with my simple macro.

Excel 2016 gives you a wide range of tools with which to format, summarize, and present your data.

Ron's Excel Tips it looks like Ron's solutions are more ideal for a one-off situation, correct?

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Make sure you read Ron's notes carefully as he takes great steps to show you how to modify the code to some of your specific needs...After you have created a workbook to hold data about a particular subject, you can create as many worksheets as you need to make that data easier to find within your workbook.To ensure that every year’s workbook has a similar appearance, you can create a workbook with the characteristics you want, and save it as a pattern, or template, for similar workbooks you will create in the future.I couldn't begin to answer your question as I really don't know your requirement or layout. More like a 2nd part to the first question (if it is possible), would there be a way to have the macro populate an existing table in an existing worksheet with headers, and therefore every time the source files in the array are updated and saved, the Combined Sheets, or Master Sheet, could update with the new information by simply running the macro?One of the project at work I use Ron's "get data" macro and it is incredible easy and ideal for frequent updates. I couldn't begin to answer your question as I really don't know your requirement or layout. Upon further review of Ron's code in my question are as follows. Is it possible to perform the "get data" macro, however instead of have it create a new workbook every time it is executed, have it simply update one which is currently open? Jeff, this code seems to overwrite the source sheets in the var Sheets array on top of each other in the destination workbook.

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