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This comes after he claims he was successfully ‘cured’ from the “curse” of homosexuality.

Blaming his uncle for his past ‘homosexual transgressions’, he added : “I was not born with these sexual tendencies.

There’s no official date for the release, but fans planning to attend the recording will be the first to hear Mc Clurkin’s new music.

“I’m looking forward to my upcoming live recording at the Holyland Experience theme park.

The winners will be announced on Friday, June 1 social media and the Donnie Mc Clurkin Radio Show.

The live TBN concert taping at the Holyland Experience theme park in Orlando, Florida on June 25 will mark Mc Clurkin’s fifth solo live recording of his career.

Favorite Lyrics And I’m still in America Though America ain’t feeling me I went to war for this Country Turned around came home and you drillin' me?

When y’all free here saying you don’t wanna be here Well, you probably could breathe here If I didn’t load a couple magazines here Y’all just complain in America I’m jumping out of military planes from America Aye I was made in America That's why I’m out here saving America I got a brother in the cemetery now Cause he wanted y’all safe And everybody want the freedom but nobody want to hear about face!

We rebuke these principalities, strongholds, & curses in the name of Jesus!!!

He now believes that he is a voice for those in a similar position who want to be “freed” from their homosexuality.

“For them, I write this without apology, knowing that I’ve been through this and have experienced God’s power to change my lifestyle,” he said.

I’m also excited about the contest we’re presenting to professional singers and dancers that’s part of a three to six member group.

The winners will join me on stage in Orlando, Florida for night of praise and worship,” says Mc Clurkin.

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