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My name is Sandra and I am submitting my Bikini Dare picture for your 'truth or dare' website as promised to my new friends.

We (myself and 2 girlfriends) went out last night and got a bit tipsy and ended up playing truth or dare with these guys we met.

After a few months of begging (more like bugging LOL) we compromised.

I told him if he can think of something that doesn't have my face or any nudity involved I would do it.

And we decided to do this one, to be in bikini's by our hotel pool and show our bums, have a picture taken and post it online so they could see it.He said I always looked hot in a bikini and that I should do a sexy bikini dare. I know it's not as revealing as you'd like for this site but my BF says it's hot. Explore the shemale world with the leading transsexual sites.I admit it is tasteful and erotic but I couldn't do most of the dares that the brave people do on your site.But he keeps after me to do some kind of dare so we can post it and be a part of it.

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