Being friends first then dating Free avatar adult chat

a woman should not be getting a free meal from a guy if she isn't going to be dating him.

The Friend Zone is reserved for my friends only-male or female. I need to feel friendship with a man, a sense of trust, before I can go further in a romantic way.

However, life isn't that simple with silly cliches and phrases people use that can have silly meanings behind them...

so you basically ignore the term and ask them what's up if you can't read them clearly by other means.

No, men seem to think they will end up in the "friend zone" when a gal says she wants to be a "friend first". ;) Yes, if there is no "romantic" situation (no sexual tension, no mutual flirting, etc), then yes -- you're playing the role of just friends and that leads you right toward the friend zone.

You're going to befriend each other, no matter what the situation is (whether you're not into relationships or you're marriage hunting), in the beginning, and it develops no matter what. If you take it as being more than just friends when you meet someone, why call it "Friends First"? If someone wants to take it slow, they should say "Take it slow at first". Because some people -actually- want to be just friends first!

The "friends first" debacle can bring confusion to folks -- some people mean friends-with-maybe-benefits-first because they love being single, others will mean just taking it slow (or too slow) in the beginning, and others will mean JUST friends at first because they can't date anyone right now, but maybe some day (separated, going to break up but want options available, recently hurt bigtime, etc)....

and for some others, it can mean "I dont know what I want".

Or switch it up , I once went to a movie with a friend. Anyway, it is often said that if you seek friendship first, then you are taking your time getting to know that person. For me, it's a deterrent and a much more PC way of setting the expectation that I am not interested in getting laid in exchange for the man paying for the date. And I guess that's been my problem with internet dating; it seems like many guys think that after a couple of emails and a date or two, women should know whether or not they want to be more than friends.

He paid for our tickets, I bought the popcorn and the soda. There's no need to rush to "jump someone's bones or boink 'em" when you really know nothing about them. But I'm old fashioned in a way, so I prefer to just go slow so i can see where this person's head is at, and decide if I want to become a friend or run like hell before he brings the toothbrush and kids. Also, it's a great deterrent for the "oh you are soooo gorgeous sweetie, I am so in love with you..blah blah" emails which are an insult to basic intelligence. If she says she'd like a friendship first, they think its never going to be anything fact, it may just take time to get to know someone. Maybe the relationship is in and of itself is a 'frienship'?

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