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This keep us healthy, it gives us personal time to think through issues and team sports build the skill of getting along with others and learning to compromise.

Working together under the theme of one team, one direction is huge in the transition to life skills.

One of his strength’s was his ability to speak to the masses, to have everyone understand the linkage he made in his theories.

Lloyd wasn’t just a brilliant person, he was an athlete.

Bobbie had eaten cherry tomatoes that were imported from Mexico.

She washed the tomato yet still got sick, very sick.

She wasn’t afraid to stand up for her beliefs, yet did this with me utilizing a polite but stern way that I highly appreciated.

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Many people have asked me how Bobbie first got her interest in bigfoot.

He earned a football scholarship to Tulane University where he was a punter and running back from 1964-1968.

As most of you know, I am a huge advocate of athletics in life.

Lloyd was one of the few researchers in our arena that had made the transition and applied his athletic teachings.

After earning a degree in Psychology, Lloyd went on to apply his degree as an Army intelligence officer.

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