2 month dating anniversary ideas

then I alternated a little grass and a coin or two in the bag.To open their present, they had to find the coins, and then unwrap, and count to make sure they didn't miss any.I'm an only child and my mom's large family is expecting a party. You can get inspiration as well as actual "party" goods at thrift stores, garage sales, etc. A grouping of small candles, or tea lights in cheap, small, pretty glasses, jars or vintage saucers (mix & match looks great)....great decorations. for things already possessed..table cloths, fake flowers, glasses, urns, punch bowls, serving dishes, to borrow. You can "borrow" friends refrigerators, your church, maybe. If you know someone who plays guitar or can sing, maybe they can provide a couple of songs for entertainment. A very wealthy woman (boss of the baby's father) came to the party and told me as she left that it was the nicest baby shower she had ever been to..I'm looking for ideas that won't break the bank (since I have no one to share expenses with) and satisfy everyone. By Jody from Midwest Pictures of them make nice decorations and aren't terribly expensive to use as decorations, especially if you just use ones they already have. Flowers from someone's garden or yards are free. We tend to think you have to go out and buy everything "new" and perfectly matched, but you don't. Heck, even a couple of coolers and some dry ice might do the trick to store to food until party time! and I am sure with her wealth and socializing, she'd been to plenty, so it's not all about "cost"-- it is more about making it festive, filled with love, creative, that counts the most towards having a really fabulous and memorable party.If you serve liquor, keep it to punch bowl type or one or two types of drinks only and don't think everybody has to have 6 drinks total, you can help them with moderation by just providing minimal liquor. You could make it an open house and just serve hors d'ouvoures like small finger sandwiches, relishes, etc.You could have it be an afternoon thing from 2-4pm so no one should be expecting a meal. You could ask your parents to pitch in, say like for all beverages.

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Their kids got a bunch of old/new pictures from the family album and used Smiling Snaps to compile them into a choreographed DVD show depicting their life together.decorate with crepe paper....that's pretty inexpensive and was the usual back in the '60's.Copy and blowup some Life magazine covers and frame them for your buffet table.You could plan a picnic or potluck and ask relatives to bring a salad, you provide the meat choice and buns, and cake.I don't suggest asking relatives to just bring anything or else you might end up with a lot of chips and dessert and little else.

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